Daniel Salvador

Born in Barcelona, 1979 Daniel was a young ambitious 12 year old already studying the art of food and baking cakes at home. Four dedicated years later her starting training as a chef in Sant Pol de Mar, an hour outside his home town. Those amazing years were incredible experience and just the beginning of what was to come next. He moved for his adventure and soul searching, Daniel spent the next 10 years driving around the whole of Spain working for renamed chefs of 1 and 2 Michelin stars. Learning the importance of the produce, from the meat, to vegetables and cereals, the interior of Spain to the fish, seafood, vegetables and rice of the Mediterranean Sea. In 2009 he decided to learn new cultures and new foods so he transferred his career to London. After working for 1 year in Harrods and four more for renamed catering companies he decided to work as a private chef, study nutrition and organic gardening. Daniel believes that we are what we eat, cooking healthy gives sense to the passion and love of food that he began when he was just a boy. He's learnt to show his love for food and taste in my presentation on each dish he creates, making it unique and special to himslef, yet memorable to someone else