My Events

1. What time do I need to reach the place of the event?

Customer is the king - the old adage holds true here as well. We want the customer to enjoy a kingsize experience by not having to do anything. Hence, we advise you to reach the event destination atleast 2-3 hours before the start time, make sure you have sourced all the relevant ingredients/ any missing equipment and have sufficient time for preparation of the dishes. The delivery process starts from procuring the relevant ingredients till the final clean up of the kitchen before leaving.

2. What do I need to take along for the service?

After confirmation of booking, we advise you to communicate with the customer to discuss the equipment and cutlery they have. To create a seamless experience, we’d reckon taking the missing supplies and required equipment to the event.
After all its not just about tasty food , rather how tempting it looks on the table!.
Whether it is salt, pepper, oil , bread , do not miss any, if the customer expects a fine dining experience at home , he doesn’t want to go and buy bread!

3. How do I need to interact with the customer during the service?

Depends on the experience the customer is looking for . At an early stage it is good to assess whether the customer is looking for a professional experience or a more interactive and sharing one. In order to bring a unique and memorable experience for the customer; it is important to create a friendly dialogue with the guests and prepare to talk through the preparation of the dish.
What could be better than enjoying fine wine with the guests in the preparation process as well!

My Profile

1. How do I sign up?

Signing up is as easy as creating your profile indicating your cooking style , preferred cuisine and experience. Bear in mind, your profile is your first interaction with the customer and determines your opportunity to be chosen by the customer over your peers. Showcase your talent and passion for cooking through your profile.

2. I have created a profile but can’t find it yet ?

Once you have created your profile, it will be validated by theKitchenchefs team before it is shared with public.
Kindly bear with us for any inconvenience.

3. Do I need to have pictures of the food?

A picture speaks a thousand words. Make sure that the pictures speak of high standards of your culinary skills and create the desire amongst the customer to indulge their senses with your feast.
You can upload three types of pictures - profile photo (small image of yourself), cover photo ( that goes from top to bottom of the page) and photo gallery ( to showcase your skills - food pictures, happy customers).
Don’t worry if you don’t have attractive pictures, we have a professional photographer who can assist you . Just write to us at, we would be happy to help!

4. How do I add menus ?

You can create upto three standard menus indicating the price per person all inclusive for each. However, we understand it is important for you to offer a variety of menus and prices to suit your customers requirements and make your services more marketable, hence you can create customized menus and prices. To access how to create a customise menu , simply click on create menu and follow the instructions .

5. Can I edit my profile ?

You can edit your chef profile anytime using the sign in option. Make your profile as impressive as you want by adding photos, views, tagline , menus, prices, blogs. Thekitchenchefs team is committed to bringing the best technology for you to able to showcase your talent to the world!

6. Why is it important for you to deliver service of high standards?

On completion of service , the host and his guests will receive an email asking them to write a review about the service.Opinions are public and are composed of a rating from 1 to 5 ( ( being highest) and a written feedback. Every positive rating is a stepping stone to give you many more.

7. How do I enter availability details?

You will be able to choose your available start and end time for each day of the week using the availability option. Start time would indicate the time at which you can first be available at the event site. End date to be the last available time when you can arrive at the event site ? don't forget to to allow for 2-3 hours delivery time.

My Payments

1. Why do I need to give my paypal account information?

We will be using your paypal account details to process payments on bookings. It takes minutes to create an account using the ‘click to open paypal account option’ if you don't have one already!

2. What do I get for delivering the service?

Total payment received by you would be the Total service fees minus TheKitchenchefs commission at the time of booking.

3. When do I get my first payment?

Thekitchenchefs will collect 50% of the agreed price between the customer and chef before the date of booking. You will receive this 50% payment within 7 days prior to the date of booking for you to be able to procure ingredients and other supplies.

4. When do I get the balance payment?

You will receive the balance 50% payment (after deducting TheKitchenchefs commission) within 24 hours of notification of services being satisfactorily delivered from the customer. This notification will be received by TheKitchenchefs along with the user feedback.


1. What is included in the price of the booking?

Price covers cost of ingredients , transportation , labor, equipment/supplies , service, clean up . Additionally, 2% service fee for processing credit card payments.

2. How do I arrive at the price for the customer ?

Price per person would be derived by dividing the total cost for the event with the number of guests .
Total cost for the evening = Cost of ingredients + (your hourly rate* number of hours needed to deliver) + travel cost + equipment (purchase or rental) + supplies + bartenders (if any)

3. Does the cost include drinks ?

In general, customer would like to use their own drinks . However , it is advisable to check with the customer if he is looking for drinks to be included . If so , cost of drinks based on customer preferences can be included in the price.